Artist Statement

"Music is not what I do, it is simply what I am."
Music is "Who I Am"!!!



As a musical artist, I exercise my craft as a composer, performer, educator, and producer. My education is a mix of both the formal training of a university setting and the invaluable knowledge gained through extensive performance experience. My music degree enabled me to develop the gift to create, perform, and educate. My experience allows me to effectively share this gift with others. It is my goal to use my talents, training, experience, and versatility to touch as many people as possible with my music.
The creation of my music comes from the observations and experiences of life. From an early age, I began putting into music the feelings I had about everyday life. As I developed musically, I learned the methods to effectively compose and arrange the music to convey its deep emotions, beauty, and energy. Because music is a powerful connection to one’s own experiences and emotions, my songs are created to reach out and into the soul of each member of the audience.

My audience should feel that the songs I write and perform are their own feelings and emotions put into verse and music. Whether the song is high-energy and up-tempo or a deeply emotional ballad, I believe that musical delivery must be intense, powerful, and exciting in order for the message to affect the listener. Based on this belief, my performances throughout the United States and Europe have given me the opportunity to share life’s experiences with diverse audiences through song.

A part of sharing the music is to educate others about the motivation, inspiration, and technique required to create, record, and perform. As a former educator, I recognize the need to supplement and enhance the public school music curriculum. I do this using several programs I developed specifically to provide the students the opportunity to learn about the many different artistic avenues available through music and an understanding of the realities of an independent singer/songwriter/recording artist. These school programs include classroom workshops as well as musical performances involving the students in all aspects of production. Through these experiences, students take with them a better understanding of the impact and importance music has in their lives.

For me, it is more than a desire. It is the need to touch as many people as possible with music, and to release the sensitive and powerful emotions from within. Music is not what I do, it is simply what I am.


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