Songwriter / Recording Industry Clinic

An exciting 45-60 minute interactive presentation that will ignite the imagination of your students.  This interactive workshop includes:

Fun and Exciting for the Kids!!!
RiverPark Center
Summer Arts Camp-Owensboro, KY

•Songwriting Techniques

•Live performance of original music

•Student involvement and performance

•Process / Demonstration of recording methods

•"Behind the scenes" look at Concert Performances

Chuck at Dawson Springs, KY

Dawson Springs School - Dawson Springs, KY

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"Faculty members sang his praises... The best assembly I have attended!  Chuck gets two thumbs up from me."
Beth Stribling - Murray Jr. High School
"This program gave our students lots of insights into a performer's real life... the kids wanted to hear more!  I enjoyed it!!"
Bonita Schwab - Lincoln Elementary, Franklin-Simpson Schools


Outline Description

I. Introduction

This exciting and interactive program begins immediately with Chuck capturing the students’ attention by performing one of his upbeat original songs. The actual performance of this song will be used throughout the program to help give the students a better understanding of the total processes involved in writing, performing, and recording. This is followed by a brief introduction of Chuck’s musical background. It highlights his experience as a student, a teacher, and a professional musician/songwriter.

II. How does all this happen?

Chuck uses a series of "behind the scenes" slide photos taken in an actual recording studio and while on performance tour. The slides provide an effective visual reference to the equipment and methods used in the studio as well as for "on the road" performances. Also included in the presentation are some little known facts and realities about the music business. These will include royalty payments, recording contracts, and merchandise sales.

III. Recording Process Demonstration / Student Involvement

Chuck presents a captivating demonstration of one recording method by using actual DAT studio masters engineered from his current original album recordings. "Track-by-track" recording is demonstrated by adding each instrument one at a time until the basic instrumental foundation of the song is presented.  Several students are selected to improvise percussion parts along with Chuck and the recorded tracks.  Building the demonstration to a climax, he and the selected students perform along with the recorded instrumental and supporting vocal tracks of one of his more popular songs currently receiving airplay. By this time, many of the students are singing and clapping along.

IV. Acoustic Performance / Student Involvement

Thoughout the program, Chuck includes solo/acoustic performances of both original and "cover" songs. By telling the stories hehind several of his songs before performing them, Chuck helps the students understand the correlation between the experience and how it can be effectively related to an audience in song.  With continued "hands on" participation, Chuck involves the students in the song arranging process by selecting several of them to develop and perform percussion parts along with his performance of each song.  This activity demonstrates to the students the process of preparing songs for performance and recording.

V. Questions and Answers

Throughout the program, Chuck solicits questions from the students. However, it is at this point in the clinic that he opens the floor for a question-and-answer session. More often, because of the excitement generated, time runs out before the questions do.

VI. Residency

During a residency, Chuck  guides the students through the songwriting process while they compose original songs.  The students will be encouraged to write individually or in groups and perform their completed songs for each other.  Chuck   monitors the songwriting sessions to ensure the students have an understanding of effective songwriting techniques.


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