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Chuck demonstrates his clever arranging skills with Island Style Volume 1 & 2 of tropical versions of familiar cover songs.   Chuck produced these albums to celebrate the magical feelings his audiences experience from visiting the beautiful Gulf Coast.  Recorded in Nashville with legendary sound man, Tom Miller, it was all of 14 degrees outside the studio!  They feature:

(1. Jump In the Line  (2. Brown Eyed Girl  (3. Margaritaville  (4. Lion Sleeps Tonight  (5.Red, Red Wine  (6.Jamaica Farewell  (7.Volcano   (8.Three Little Birds  (9.Under the Boardwalk  (10.  a "Special In Support of our Troops" arrangement of  God Bless the USA

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(1. Another Saturday Night  (2. Jolly Mon  (3. Son of Sailor  (4. Two Pina Coladas  (5. Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay  (6.Limbo Rock  (7. Can't Help Falling In Love  (8. Day-O  (9. Cheeseburger In Paradise  (10. 5 O'clock Somewhere


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This fun loving, feel good, tropical album chronicles the experiences of the Singer/Songwriter's travels from the Emerald Coast to Key West and beyond. Chuck's use of Caribbean rhythms with his vivid lyrics transport the listener to their fantasy island paradise. The spirited reactions by industry and audiences alike are making the title track, "Coconut Moon", the coastal getaway anthem.  With an official release date of March 2002, it features:

(1. Coconut Moon  (2. Blue Ocean Magic  (3. 'Cuda Curiosity  (4. Tropical Man  (5. Who I Am  (6.  Lost and Found Buccaneer  (7. Crawfish Zydeco Jamboree  (8.  'Ol Doc Joe

Make Believe You Love Me


In a subtle but dramatic move, Chuck began developing an acoustic trio in early 1998. This album is a result of its commercial magic and the overwhelming fan response to this more earthy, folk/rock ensemble. The album has an excellent mix of fun, upbeat songs, ballads, and love songs. With an official release date of January 1999, it features:

(1.She’s Everything You Should’ve Been (2. All I Need (3. Make Believe You Love Me (4. Wasn’t It Better Then? (5. Change Her Life In the Middle of the Night (6. So Who Do I Call (7. Gonna Have Some Fun (8. In My Arms (9. Downtown Chicago (10. Night Wind Blue (11. I Drank It All Night Long

Chuck Lawson Live In Concert


Released in 1997, it includes live recordings of Chuck during the "Guest Artist Concert Series tour of 1996 and 1997. The spirited album features not only his exciting full band, but exceptional high school band musicians performing his adapted orchestral arrangements in a full production concert. Features: (1. Intro Overture (2. In My Arms (3. Other Side of Paradise (4. Don’t You Know By Now? (5. Cross the Wall (6. Power of Sound (7. You Gave Me You (8. Change Her Life In the Middle of the Night (9. Night Wind Blue (10. She’s Everything You Should’ve Been (11. So Who Do I Call (12. Other Side Reprise

Other Side of Paradise


This is Chuck’s first solo album of original material. Released in December of 1994, it includes his sensitive and powerful orchestral arrangements that have captured the attention of fans throughout the Southeast. Includes: (1. All I Need (2. Other Side of Paradise (3. Don’t You Know By Now? (4. Downtown Chicago (5. One Brief Moment (6. Cross the Wall (7. Bring Me Home (8. Power of Sound (9. You Gave Me You (10. No More


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